We were at GDG Global Summit 2015

This year 7 GDG organizers from Turkey were at the GDG Organizers Global Summit at Mountain View, California. GDGs, GDEs, Women Techmakers met and learned from each other while having fun at the 2 days of sessions, labs, and unconferences. It was an awesome global  knowledge gathering.

Adriana is opening the GDG Global Summit at Computer History Museum

The sessions of the first day included:

  • Google Translate Community: The crowdsource platform in which people help to improve Google Ttranslate in their language. If you like Google Ttranslate and want to help them to show better translations: https://translate.google.com/community
  • Web Keynote: Web Keynote presentation held by Paul Kinlan, Chrome Developer Advocate. He emphasised that the web is no longer about browsers, it is moving closer to native.  You can now create great apps that run inside browsers.  
  • CSI Lab: Creative skills for innovation lab is a workshop training that every newly hired Googler takes. They even organize CSI labs for the customers, companies that are looking for new ideas on specific challenges. It includes basically 3 stages: know the user, think 10x, prototype and test. Small group of people (generally 5 peopleperson in each group), first makes interviews to understand users and define insights and needs, then each person in the group writes creative ideas to solve this problem (sky is the limit), team votes the ideas and get only 1-2 ideas selected, finally they create a prototype using drawing, acting, or making in which way they present the idea better and test the prototype with other groups.  
  • Non-Violent Communication: Resolving conflicts and better communication requires empathy and understanding each other’s motivations. This workshop helped us to define our motivations and feelings better and also understand other’s feelings better so that we can better communicate and solve the conflicts in our professional and personal lives.

The second day, there were the presentations by the GDG organizers. Said Tahsin Dane from GDG İstanbul and Kübra Harmankaya from GDG İzmir made a presentation on cross chapter events and collaboration and shared the experiences of cross chapter GDG organizations in Turkey with other GDG organizers.


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