Women Techmakers Istanbul 2015 Report

This year to celebrate International Women's Day, WTM chapters have organised great events all over the world!

You can find the keynotes from Women Techmakers Istanbul - International Women's Day Event.

We would like to thank to GDG Istanbul community organisers for helping WTM Event and supporting women to create this success!
  • 1243 people registered
  • 392 people registered showed up, 246 of them WOMEN! (63% WOMEN)
  • 80-session submission received (all women!)
  • 32 talks performed in one day in 4 session rooms in parallel http://wtmistanbul.com/schedule/
  • Sandbox talks
  • Workshop room with 4 workshops
  • 61 speakers, 6 from out of Turkey (59-WOMEN, 2-MEN!)
  • Speakers from 5 different countries
  • All sessions were recorded and will be published at our Youtube Channel soon!
  • All-day Start-up Launch Event
  • Exhibition hall with  different interactive games, 3D printer
  • Free coffee all day
  • 400 t-shirts
  • Chance to try Google Glass, Cardboard and smartwatches

Start-up Launch Event
  • 32 enterpreneurs submission received
  • 11 entrepreneurs presented elevator pitches (6 of them WOMEN)
  • 6 Venture Capital Companies sported and became jury, half of them females
  • Turkey's #1 Startup fund and accelerator Etohum and CMO of BKM were at the jury as well
  • 3 winner elevator pitches
  • 1 portable projector, 2 portable chargers and 3 books given
  • Networking coctail
  • Free tea, coffee, and

  • 5 programming workshops (4 of them held by WOMEN)
  • 50 + attendees
  • Android Study Jams Lesson #3 is held in this room as well

Women @Google Panel, 5 Female Googlers from Google Turkey
Women Techmakers Organizers

Women Techmakers Community Leads and Organizers from 6 different countries were invited. Special thanks to all ladies for accepting our invitation and making great contribution at WTM Istanbul!
Event Links
Women Techmakers Istanbul
Women Techmakers Eskişehir
GDG Istanbul
GDG Eskişehir
GDG Kütahya
GDG Ankara
GDG Tekirdağ


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