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We are done with DevFest Istanbul. And now here is the funny, real, interesting and weird facts about DevFest Istanbul 13.

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Funny Facts About #DevFestIstanbul


  • 4021 people registered for the event 
  • 1409 people registered showed up (picked up swag at the registration desk) 
  • About 200 people directly entered into session rooms due to overflow without checking in at the registration desk 
  • 121 session submission received 
  • 40 talks performed in one day in 4 session rooms in parallel (all sessions almost full from early in the morning to 7pm!)!/sessions
  • 52 speaker, 10 from out of Turkey!/speakers
  • Speakers from 7 different countries 
  • 3 floors of exhibition area with interactive games and 3d printers 
  • 3 smartphones and 4 Android trainings have been given away to attendees at the sessions 
  • Free food and coffee all day 
  • 1600 t-shirts and sandwiches have been given away to attendees 
  • Android cookies! 
  • Chance to try Google Glass over 200 attendees 
  • 1 lab room open all day for workshops 
  • Hackathon started the same date with the event and go over 2 days 
  • 42 attendees 
  • The first prize is 1000 Turkish Liras and a trip to Manchester to the 2014 Future Everything Festival and hackathon 
  • 3 Android Smartphones and 1 Android Tablet 
  • 10 Books and Free Seminar Entry about Entrepreneurship to the attendees 


  • Panel about Geleceği Yazanlar which is a project to grow of mobile development in Turkey
  • 9 mobile development professionals from Geleceği Yazanlar team is discussed with more than 1000 people 

What is GDG Workshop
  • GDG members and organizers from GDG Istanbul, GDG Ankara and GDG Eskişehir introduced the GDGs and events to the attendees. 

Social Media And News


21% of attendees are registered in last 2 days
47% of attendees are registered in last 6 days
The most registered days:
  • News bulletin days
  • Speaker announcement
  • Program announcement
  • E-mailing day
Event Links

Photos and Videos

The Real fun Part : Fun Facts
  • 1 Speaker (from Google!!!) was forgotten to add to the schedule. 
  • 2 Speakers decided to look for jobs in Turkey! 
  • Last session speakers (7pm) has given the feedback that most attendees were exhausted and they needed to work to keep their focus. 
  • Except for the main session room which has the capacity of 400+ people, all session rooms had overflow until 5pm. 
  • 2 speakers asked their sessions not to be recorded. 
  • Each session slot had at least one speaker without a mini display port to vga adapter. 
  • Thanks to Glass Explorer Chris Tuttle, his Glass has more fingerprints than any other Google Glass in the world. 
  • 2 external battery packs were used to power his Google Glass for whole day. 
  • Due to a miscalculation of time zones, +Ibrahim Ulukaya from Youtube in New York, needed to drive to his office at 4am to give his talk via hangout, instead of changing the schedule. 
  • Codemodeon team who built an interactive soccer game with infrared cams, needed to stay the whole day prior to the event in the venue to find the most suitable place in terms of lights. 
  • Their regular laptop was not powerful enough to drive 80” LCD! 
  • Coffee was available all day and would have been the most consumed beverage if water was not needed for its brewing. 
  • Beer was the most popular drink in the speaker appreciation dinner. 
  • 100+ people took active part in the organization and spent the whole day in the venue, wearing the t-shirts with the same design as attendees but blue instead of black. 
  • 1K attendees at 1pm


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