DevFest Istanbul'13

About the Event
  A large scale GDG event in Istanbul around Google product areas and other technologies offering all day speaker sessions, hackathon and lab.
 It starts in Istanbul at November 2, continues in Ankara at November 3 and Eskişehir at November 9.
  Official event website:
Expecting 1500+ attendees
 25+ high level speakers (from Turkey and outside)
3 parallel sessions – Mobile, Web, Backend
 All day lab
 Call for papers
Talks are recorded and available on the website after the event
Organization team
o   GDG İstanbul
o   GDG Ankara
o   GDG Eskişehir
o   GDG Konya

Visitor profile
o   Developers, Architects and CTOs from the organizations using and evaluating tech tools and framewords
o   Students
o   Business people

Premarketing and websites
o   Event website :
o   Twitter account :
o   Twitter hashtag : #devfestistanbul

Invited Speakers


Call For Papers

You are quite welcome to share your projects, ideas and technologies. 
CFP is available until October 11. Submit here:!/cfp


You are invited to code using CitySDK (Smart City Service Development Kit) APIs. City SDK is an European funded project which Istanbul City of Greater is one of the partners. Big surprises and awards are waiting for you.

Netmera LAB

Netmera is sponsor of the all day lab. You will have a chance to use different technologies and create applications.


  •      Competitions and awards during sessions and breaks
  •       Netmera Lab awards
  •       Hackathon awards
  •      Games
  •      Google Glass!


·      DevFest İstanbul
o   2nd November 2013
o   Start: 8.30 am Finish: 6.30 pm
o   Avenue: ITU Suleyman Demirel Kultur Merkezi, Maslak, Istanbul
·      DevFest Ankara
o   3rd November 2013
o   Avenue: TOBB ETU Garaj 3rd Floor, Big Saloon, Ankara
·      DevFest Eskişehir
o   9th November 2013
o   Avenue : Anadolu University, Congress Center, Eskişehir


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